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Videos of Ramesh Balsekars Talks and Discourses

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 Videos of Ramesh Balsekars Talks and Discourses
Who does the Speaking and Listening - Ramesh Balsekar
Ramesh Balsekar - Consciousness/Cosmic Law
Everything is predestined - what should I do? - Ramesh Balsekar
Free will is worthless - Ramesh Balsekar
What is Japa - Ramesh Balsekar
It's a One Word Teaching - By Ramesh Balsekar
The thinking mind and the working mind - Ramesh Balsekar
The final Understanding - A Talk by Ramesh Balsekar
What's the meaning of Freewill? Talk By Ramesh Balsekar
End of suffering - Ramesh Balsekar
Ramesh Balsekar - The Meaning of Happiness
Enlightenment is not unlimited Bliss - Ramesh Balsekar
The Absence of Suffering - Ramesh Balsekar
Ramesh Balsekar's view on the notion of Personality
At Ramesh's Balsekar's house
Fear of death - Ramesh Balsekar
Ramesh Balsekar On Surrender

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